The Kenya Election Database is a record of the ten General Elections and two Referendums held since independence in 1963 representing an aggregate of 107 million registered voters and 142 million valid votes cast in national elections and 15 million in the Referendums.

The Kenya Election Database Version 2.0 is the latest version of the only Election Data Analysis and Strategic Election Planning software on Kenya General Elections. The Database is a collection of well researched and detailed analysis of all parliamentary elections since 1969, presidential elections since 1992, by-elections since 1993 and results of both 2005 and 2010 Referendums. It also has full results of the 2013 General Elections in respect of Presidential, Parliamentary, Senatorial, Gubernatorial and Women Representative elections. It is updated with results of all national by-elections since the 2013 General Elections. The Database has full results of 4,300 constituency and county elections covering 22,000 candidate results and is the only single source of full General Election results available in the market.

The Database also includes details of all 210 old constituencies and the 290 new constituencies, created in 2012, including history, administrative area covered, population, land area, maps etc; details of the 1,450 county assembly wards; details of 180 political parties including the 60 officially registered parties, and their symbols; 2009 population census for all 8 old provinces, 47 counties, 158 districts, 635 divisions, 2,724 locations, 7,150 sub-locations; and 215 urban centers.

The Database has the results of both the 1999 and 2009 Census, hence can also be used for social, marketing and consumer research. It also has 2015 and 2017 population projection for each Region (Province), County, Sub-County (District), Division, Location and Sub-location and also for each Constituency and Ward.

The Database has details of registered voters from 1969 to December, 2012 and analysis of population vis-à-vis registered voters.

A unique feature is the 2009 population census of Kenya’s 43 ethnic groups and 79 sub-ethnic groups, including each ethnic group’s estimated voters in 2017.

The Database has details of all candidates who have ever stood in any General Election since 1969, including gender and status, i.e. incumbent, former winner, previous candidate or newcomer.

The Database has over 650 reports some of which are unique to this Database, e.g. Constituency notes, Political party notes, Kenya election history, women candidates, etc. The database is the most comprehensive analysis of Kenya General Elections and has been well researched by competent professionals as given in the following menu:


    1. New Constituency and Election details [1969-2013].
    2. County and Election details [2013].
    3. Candidate Election results by New Constituency [1969-2013].
    4. Candidate Election results by County [2013].
    5. Presidential Election details [1992-2013].
    6. Presidential Election details-County Results [2013].
    7. New Constituency and County Assembly Ward details.
    8. New Constituency and Sub-location details.
    9. Old Constituency and Election details [1969-2007].
    10. Candidate Election results by Old Constituency [1969-2007].
    11. Political Party details.
    12. Province population census 1969 – 2009.
    13. Province/County/District/Division/Location/Sub-location census details. [1999 and 2009 Census].
    14. Local Authority and Urban Centre census details.
    15. Urban Centre census and status.
    16. Ethnic Group census details.
    17. Voter registration details [1969-2013].
    18. Preview and print Analytical reports [660 reports].


The Database runs on Microsoft Access platform and can be down-loaded from a Drop Box link. Your PC or Laptop must have MS Access version 2002 or later versions already installed. It comes zipped hence must be unzipped and installed on your hard-drive. It is about 800MB in size. It costs only Kshs 2,000/= or 40 US Dollars for non-Kenya residents.

For more details or to order, e-mail: systexsolutions@yahoo.com

Or call: 0722751753